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How Smart Could Your Man Cave Be?

Gentlemen: would you like to improve your home's "man cave" area?

Of course you would. After all, isn't that half the point? It's not just your gameday viewing area; it's your ongoing project. It's the space where you can unleash your inner engine of creativity, ingenuity and occasionally dubious taste in wall art. Whether it's a modest corner of your garage, or a fully customized sports bar in your basement, planning improvements will always be part of the fun.

So how about automating your man cave? It used to be that a project like this was the preserve of programmers and millionaires, but things have changed. Today, you can have a fully automated man cave, controlled through a smartphone app, as a side benefit of simply upgrading your home security system to technology, which interconnects an array of smart devices through your home.

Here are some of the features you could have.

1: Refrigerator security

smart man cave refrigerator.jpg

Your kitchen's refrigerator may be a free-for-all, but the contents of your man cave's fridge are yours alone. You can protect your refreshments with a discreet contact sensor on the fridge door. When opened, it will send you a smartphone alert. You can also customize these alerts so you only get them if you're not home.


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2: Automated lighting

With in your home, you can make any light or lamp "smart"—even if it's shaped like a woman's leg—by connecting it to a smart plug. Your lights (or neon beer sign) will be responsive to both smartphone commands and automation triggers, such as your man cave's door being opened.

3: Remote-controlled entry for friends

smart man cave doorbell.jpg

When your friends come round to see what's up with your new technology, the first thing they might notice is the new doorbell on your front door. If you think they'll be impressed when they hear you talking to them through the speaker via your phone, just wait until you unlock the front doorand let them in, only to reveal you've been on the couch the whole time. If the doorbell rings during the game, you'll know if the pizza has arrived or if it's a salesperson who you can send on their way right through the app.

4: A single button to control everything

Once your pals reach the inner sanctum, you can show off your Game Day Scene. Scenes let you adjust all sorts of devices with a single tap on your app, and they'reeasy to customize. You can include any combination of devices, including lights and smart shades so you have the perfect environment for watching the game.

5: Gameday temperature comfort

smart man cave RTS.jpg

Finally, an smart thermostat in your home gives you the option of a remote temperature sensor on the wall of your man cave. When the game begins and the temperature gets heated, this tiny wall device communicates with the main thermostat to keep you comfortable.

Enjoy the game! And when game day is over, you'll enjoy a smarter, safer home all year round, with monitored home security, energy savings, and all of the benefits of a full smart home. To find out more about smart home security from, click here.

PS: for some true man cave envy, check out user Stew McVicar's project below.

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