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How to Create a Smart Nursery, Simply

Kids love gadgets from birth. They get toys that bleep, shoes that light up, and even their own tablets to play on (when they finish dinner).

Now, the ‘smart nursery' is a trend. Parents can get gadgets like wearable baby sleep trackers and "smart socks" with apps that monitor your child's breathing. Helpful or stressful? We'll let you be the judge.

What can really help you, though, is a smart home security system extended into your nursery to make it an even safer and more comfortable environment. Here's how it'll help you both sleep better.

See what's going on via video

Much of today's connected nursery technology is "no substitute for a decent video monitor," says The New York Times—and an indoor security camera gives you the best video monitoring possible. Rather than needing a monitor screen, you can view your baby through your smartphone, peeking in anytime from wherever you are. At home, it's convenient; if you're back at work, it's a wonderful way to stay connected.

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Ensure a perfect temperature


Our smart thermostat can save energy, make your home more comfortable, and even focus on your nursery to ensure the right temperature for your baby.

With a small, wireless temperature sensor installed on the wall, your thermostat will know the exact temperature in the nursery, and can heat or cool your home until the nursery itself is the perfect temperature for naptime.

Keep tabs on exploring toddlers

As your baby becomes more mobile, contact sensors give you a useful ‘sixth sense' for potential danger in the form of doors and drawers being opened.

They're easy to install on most doors and alert you instantly when, say, the nursery door is quietly opened halfway through naptime. As your child gets older, contact sensors will become great additions to your front and back door, kitchen cabinets, the gate to your yard, and even your freezer drawer where the ice-cream is.

Avoid tumbles in the dark

For toddlers, transitioning from a crib to a big-kids bed is exciting—in large part because they can get out of it anytime. This is the time to add some smart lighting to the hallway outside your nursery.

Smart lighting switches on automatically when triggered by a sensor – either the contact sensor on the door, or a motion sensor on the hallway wall. If your child gets the urge to wander at night, at least they won't be doing it in the dark.

A smart nursery isn't the only thing gives your family. Click here to discover more things you'll love about smart home security.

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