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Keep Your Basement Dry with Smart Sump Pump Monitoring

Of all the appliances in your home, the sump pump must be the least interesting of all.

It sits there, in a hole, looking like a piece of car engine. Its only job is to pump away excess groundwater when it rains heavily. It's out of sight and out of mind… until, one day, it fails on you.

Suddenly, your basement is vulnerable to flooding and expensive water damage, and you may not even realize it until the damage is done.

This spring, can proactively protect you from this situation with smart sump pump monitoring.

A new addition to our popular Water solution, it gives you immediate awareness when your sump pump isn't working as it should, so that you can act quickly.

Enabled by a water sensor in the sump well and a heavy-duty smart switch that monitors the pump's power supply, the solution triggers instant alerts from's smart home security platform when there's trouble in your basement.

The solution can quickly identify several categories of sump pump problem. It can tell you whether the pump has simply lost power (go and check your circuit breaker), or if it's powered but not running (the pump itself is broken). It can even let you know if the pump is working but not removing water fast enough.

Water damage is expensive and happens fast – but when you're armed with real-time awareness, you can act quickly, get help if necessary, and minimize the effects - even if you're out of town..

With spring storm season on the way, is your basement connected and protected?

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