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Three Smart Ways to Spook a Burglar

Forget zombies, black cats and creepy fog. The thing that scares burglars and thieves the most is getting caught.

To an intruder, a home with smart home security is a house of horrors. Pretty quickly, burglars learn to pick up on the visual cues—and to retreat back into the shadows when they find them.

Fright No. 1: Signs that suggest turning back

Remember those corny cartoons where the characters wander into a dark, overgrown yard with large signs: "Haunted House!" "Beware!" "No way out!" "I'd turn back if I were you!"?

Your service provider's yard sign or window decal can have the same effect on an intruder. It lets them know that your home is professionally protected, with a dedicated connection to a professional monitoring station in case of trouble.

Talk about a bad omen for a break-in. It's no wonder that most burglars will turn back upon learning that you have a security system.

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Fright No. 2: That feeling of being watched

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Another essential feature of every cartoon haunted house is an old portrait painting, whose eyes seem to follow the intruders as they explore.

A smart security camera can be just as effective at keeping tabs on unwanted guests. Installed on your porch, an camera can record high-quality video footage as soon as anyone approaches your house.

You can easily download the footage to send to police or even share via Facebook – that's enough to give any a crook the creeps.

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Fright No. 3: You rang?

Burglary isn't the smartest pastime, but most burglars have the brains to ring the doorbell to check if a house is empty. After all, if you answer, they can always make up an excuse and get out of there.

With a video doorbell powered by, you can answer from anywhere. You can get a notification on your smartphone when your doorbell rings: when you open the notification, you can see who's there and address them directly. You might lack the towering build of Frankenstein's monster—in fact, you might not even be home—but how would your visitor know?

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