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How Makes the Holidays Cozier

Are you feeling the call of the great indoors lately?

The weather is cold, the nights are long; it's the time of year to retreat indoors and enjoy the holidays where it's warm and cozy.

Whether you prefer to enjoy the season quietly with a crackling fire and a good book, or to fill your home with friends and loved ones, smart home security will help you stay cozier through the holidays and all the way into spring.

A bright homecoming every evening

When the sun sets early, it's welcoming and reassuring to come home to a well-lit house. It feels safer too.

Smart lighting ensures a bright welcome without the energy waste of leaving your home lit up during the day. You can have turn your lights on at a given time, at sunset, or whenever you're on your way home. For extra energy efficiency, you can even automate your holiday lights.

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A more relaxing fireside scene


Nothing stokes cozy contentment like the crackle from a wood-burning fire or stove—and it feels even better to know that you're also equipped with the best in fire safety technology.

With connected smoke and carbon monoxide detectors powered by, you're proactively protected from fireside dangers, with 24-7 professional monitoring and automated safeguards for emergencies—so put another log on the fire and relax.

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Warm welcomes that stay in the warm


The holidays are a time to welcome guests, but you don't have to do it with warm air billowing out of your front door.

Instead, use your app to unlock your front door when guests arrive, having first verified who they are via your doorbell camera. Tell them to come on in and close the door, then take your time with the season's greetings in the hallway—not on the doorstep.

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No heating the neighborhood


With the kids out of school and visitors coming and going, it's easy to invite the cold air inside by leaving doors ajar. contact sensors have your back. Any door with a sensor can generate a smartphone alert when left open, enabling you to quickly fix any drafts. You can even set your smart thermostat to dial back automatically to reduce energy waste caused by open doors.

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And if there's an issue, you won't be left in the cold.

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