Five Reasons to Make Your Summer Party Co-Host

Next time you host friends and family for a summer cookout, enlist some hi-tech help from

Our smarter security technology doesn't just deter crime: it also makes things easier and more convenient around your house. It's especially useful when you have your hands full.

While it can't help you flip those burgers to perfection—that's all you, chef— will help keep the party going smoothly, indoors and out. Here's what makes it such a good cookout co-host.

1: It's on hand to greet early guests

The scene: It's half an hour before the party and you're totally ready for visitors. Just kidding! You're still arranging chairs, prepping side dishes and trying to get the charcoal grill going.

If your guests start arriving now, however, has you covered. Just pick up your smartphone to see who's there, say hello, and let them in without breaking your stride.

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2: It keeps an eye on the kids

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Your guests have arrived, the grill smells good and the party is in full swing. For the grownups, it's time to catch up, share news and reminisce. For the kids, though, it's time to explore your whole house.

With contact sensors and smartphone alerts, helps you keep tabs on your roaming tribe of youngsters, knowing instantly they get into off-limits areas like the garage. When things go suspiciously quiet, you'll already be one step ahead.

3: It keeps the conversation light and bright

As the sun goes down, your indoor and outdoor lighting activates automatically, keeping your party brightly and beautifully lit up, without you having to lift a finger.

Meanwhile, another automated feature—your smart thermostat's auto-setback function—helps steer the conversation away from energy bills by keeping waste to a minimum.

4: It has the best party tricks

Remember how your little nephew used to love your "coin-behind-the-ear" trick? Well, he's 12 now. On the other hand, you can now close your garage with your Apple Watch. Hero status: regained.

5: It closes things down responsibly


All too soon, it's the end of the evening. You've waved goodbye to the last guests, put the kids to bed and loaded the dishwasher. You're ready to hit the hay—and yet, the job of securing the house for the night remains.

No problem. "Alexa," you yawn, "ask to Sleep." This final command of the day is all it takes to lock your doors, arm your security system and dial down the temperature for a cool night's sleep.

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