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This Valentine's Day, Kindle the Romance, But Don't Burn the Dinner

Are you looking to impress that special someone with a home-cooked Valentine's Day dinner? Go easy on the smoke.

By which we mean: actual smoke. We're excited you're going to put your pan-searing, oven-baking and flambé skills to the test. Just remember that nothing kills romance like a screeching fire alarm.

We're telling you this because we've found that Valentine's Day is also "fire alarm day." In fact, data shows a scorching 64 percent increase in fire alarms at dinnertime on Valentine's Day, compared to ordinary weeknights. Be safe out there! Valentines Smoke Alarm Infographic.jpg
With billions of data points from millions of homes processed by our platform, we can look at aggregated, anonymized data to find real trends and insights. Our data shows that dinnertime (5:00pm to 9:00pm) is when most fire alarms happen.

In the five weeks running up to Valentine's Day 2017, recorded an average of 6.44 weekday dinnertime alarms per 10,000 homes. On Valentine's Day itself, however, we saw a dinnertime spike of 10.56 fire alarms per 10,000 homes.

The good news is that all of these homeowners were protected by Every connected smoke detector in this story is part of a professionally-monitored, smart security system. In the event of a fire at an home, a trained security professional assesses the situation and alerts the local fire department on your behalf.

Want to be a safer Valentine? Follow these tips:

  • Cook safely, with your stovetop tidy and clear of oven mitts and towels. Your kitchen should have a fresh fire extinguisher on hand, and you should know how to deal with a grease fire.
  • Take care with candles. Keep them away from furniture and drapes, out of reach of children and away from pets.
  • Be vigilant with your fireplace. Use a metal firescreen and extinguish the fire before you go to bed.

To find out more about smart home security powered by, click here.

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