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A Quick Guide to's New, Smarter Web Dashboard

Have you seen's new web user dashboard yet?

We've redesigned this important aspect of the experience, making it faster and easier to control your home through our web interface. With better navigation, better customization and an app-like experience, it makes smart home security even more intuitive.

Here's a quick overview of what you'll find. If you're already an user, you'll discover a guided tour waiting for you when you log into the new site.

One complete view of your home

new dashboard 2.jpg

Just like the app, the web dashboard now provides a central homepage with a top-level view of everything that's happening around the house, all at once.

You'll see all recent activity, your Image Sensor snaps, your one-touch Scenes commands and your security system's arming status, as well as your favorite smart devices and new tabs with fast access to everything else that matters.

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An app-like experience on any device

In look and feel, the new web dashboard reflects our award-winning mobile app. The similarity doesn't stop there.

Like the app, it's responsive, which means that it self-adjusts to whatever device you choose to control your home with. Desktop, laptop, tablet or even mobile: it's up to you.

Faster, more customized control

new dashboard 1.jpg

Our new dashboard uses a "card" design that makes it faster to control things. Many cards on the homepage have commands included, enabling you to see and adjust a device's status at a single glance, without clicking into a different page or tab.

The card design also enables you to customize your dashboard. You can drag, drop and arrange your favorite elements to give yourself faster access to the devices you use most.

Easier video viewing

Checking in on your home and family with video is a favorite way to use our web dashboard. To make it easier to see what's going on, we made video more prominent, and added the ability to view multiple camera feeds at once.

Whether you're checking in on the kids, or checking the security of multiple properties, you'll find it easier to get a complete picture of what's happening.

Re-organized tabs

The new top-level tabs on the left of the homepage are the result of extensive testing to reorganize years of innovative new feature launches into an easily accessible system.

Underneath the Home tab, you'll find Video for your cameras, clips, streaming and video settings, and Automation for your smart home rules and schedules - giving you access to all of your rules in a single area. You'll also see Activity for your system's event history, as well as Users, and Settings for your configuration options.

new dashboard 3.jpg

Have you logged in yet?

To start exploring the new dashboard, log into your account here.

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