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How to Prevent a Winter Washout with Smart Home Security

How close have your home's water pipes come to freezing this winter?

Not sure? That's understandable—after all, pipes tend to be out of sight and out of mind.

Until there's a big freeze, that is. That's when thousands of homeowners find themselves dealing with burst pipes and big cleanup bills. As pipes freeze up, the water inside expands as it turns to ice, splitting the pipe or causing joints to loosen. When the ice melts, the washout begins.

Mid-winter is prime-time for this expensive home repair emergency. If you don't shut off your water supply quickly, cleanup costs can cascade into thousands of dollars.

The good news is that smart home security has a number of very smart, proactive safeguards to protect your home and your wallet from water damage.

1: Temperature Alerts

An temperature sensor in your basement or crawlspace can give you early awareness of an imminent winter washout.

winter washout temp alert.jpg

Connected wirelessly to your smart thermostat, this sensor can give you an instant temperature reading via your app. It can also trigger a smartphone alert if the temperature drops to a dangerous low, giving you advance warning that you need to deploy a space heater or take other emergency measures.

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2: Water Sensors

If a pipe does freeze and burst, you need to know as quickly as possible. An water sensor is the tool for the job.

Installed on your basement or crawlspace floor, this sensor triggers a smartphone alert when it detects a leak, enabling you to spring into action and shut off your water supply. If you're far from home, you can use your front door's smart lock to let a trusted neighbor or plumber in to do the job.

3: Automatic Water Shutoff

The smartest solution of all is a proactive safeguard in which can automatically shut off your home's water.

When a water sensor detects a leak,'s platform triggers a water shutoff valve attached to your water supply, immediately preventing further flooding. If you're away from home often, or own a second home, this is the ideal water defense for your home and your peace of mind.

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