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Video Monitoring

Video Analytics

Harness’s Video Analytics for insights when you’re out of sight.

Never miss a moment

Video Analytics differentiates between people, animals, and vehicles seen in your camera’s field of view, removing the need to constantly monitor your video feeds. cameras with Video Analytics identify objects that enter its line of sight to alert and save activity important to you.

Choose what you see

Only receive the notifications that you need—with Video Analytics you no longer need to manually filter through all your alerts. Simply customize what, where, when to receive alerts from any of your indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, or video doorbells.

Proactive deterrence

Perimeter Guard™ helps deter suspicious and unwanted behavior with attention-grabbing sound alerts* and a flashing LED light. To dissuade any uninvited guests you can set up tripwire or ground zone-based recording rules that include customizing the sound alert tone and volume, as well as sound and LED flash duration.

See who’s coming and going video doorbells utilize Video Analytics to show you who’s at your door, even if they don’t ring the bell. With rapid People Detection, you can ensure you are alerted to all visitors, welcome or not.

*Sound alerts available on select models.

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