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Introducing Water Dragon

Preventing water damage has never been easier, or more affordable. This single compact device delivers whole-home water protection using ultrasonic technology to detect unexpected water activity. You'll be alerted with instant notifications about potential issues.

Whole-home protection

The Water Dragon is a whole-home water protection solution that's always on guard and detects leaks before they become major issues requiring costly repairs.

Using ultrasonic technology to monitor water flow throughout the property's entire pipe system, the Water Dragon sends alerts about unexpected water activity. By catching small leaks before they become big problems, you can avoid mold and property damage.

Alerts and informs

The Water Dragon detects unusual water flow (low, medium and high), including hard-to-spot slow leaks. It can even monitor pipe temperature and alert you to potential frozen pipes, preventing catastrophic water damage due to burst pipes.

Quick and easy installation

Clip and zip—it’s that easy. Just snap the clips onto the main water line pipe, zip tie them together, and secure the Water Dragon. Install it in under 10 minutes—no plumber required.

The Water Dragon fits into a slim-profile housing unit that’s easy to install in even in the tightest of spaces, ideal for both homes and small businesses.

Conserve water

Monitor water usage trends directly in the app. You can track water usage trends for the day, week, and month to adjust your habits to better conserve water and save on utility bills.

In a recent survey of 1,200 homeowners conducted by, 84% would like to monitor water consumption more closely to minimize waste and reduce environmental impact.

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