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Choosing the Best Video Doorbell to Do More at Your Door

One of the fastest-growing smart home upgrades, the video doorbell is quickly becoming a home staple. It lets you answer your door from your phone, capture video clips of visitors, and give package thieves a meaningful deterrent.

However, not all video doorbells are equal, so keep in mind the range of features and capabilities available as you look for the best option. As part of a smart home security system, an doorbell camera offers a faster, safer way to keep track of people and packages, plus extra protection that you won’t find elsewhere.

See the activity that matters most

Most doorbell cameras will capture motion-triggered video clips—but do you really need to see everything that moves? A doorbell with’s Video Analytics lets filter its video alerts in advance. It can tell the difference between people, animals and vehicles, and pinpoint activity in different areas of your front yard.

You can set it to ignore vehicles that pass by, but alert you if a car pulls into your driveway. You can have it ignore a person who quickly drops off a package, but notify you if someone wanders off the path to your door. Just specify what you want to see, and let your security system filter out everything else.

Stop opening the door to strangers

Your video doorbell lets you see who’s at the door and have a two-way voice conversation with them before deciding whether to open it. You don’t need to be home: your app gives you eyes and ears on visitors from home or away.

If it’s dark, you can turn your porch lights on remotely for a better view. Because your doorbell works with your security system, you can control your lights from its call screen—or even set up your home's Video Analytics to turn them on automatically.

Keep your deliveries safe from porch pirates

According to a survey of 2,000 Americans for, the average person now receives 10 home deliveries a month—a 60% increase from the pre-pandemic average. That’s a lot of packages to keep track of.

With an Touchless Video Doorbell, you’ll find out right away when a delivery arrives—even if the delivery driver doesn’t ring the bell. Take a look below.

Don’t stress about installing it

Not sure about installing a video doorbell yourself? Relax. When you choose technology, a licensed service provider installs your doorbell as part of your customized home security system.

You can save yourself time and stress, and rest assured that your video doorbell works smoothly with the rest of your smart home security system—with a single app to control everything. Welcome to an easier and more secure home life.

Ready to go? technology is sold, installed and serviced by licensed service providers near you.

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Manage visitors and guests from anywhere

At work when a guest or your house cleaner arrives? Just unlock the door from your doorbell call screen, and tell them to go on inside. Renovating your home? Give contractors access to your house anytime from the app, plus you’ll be able to keep track of when they’re coming and going.

You can say hello to the kids as they arrive home after school, and set your system to turn on the lights as they arrive. The convenience of being able to see who’s at your door and allow them inside saves time and keeps your family safer.

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