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How to Stop Package Thieves In Three Simple Steps

Your holiday shopping may be done, but the porch pirates aren't. According to our own research, one in four US homeowners has experienced package theft: an unwelcome trend that shows no sign of stopping.

Do you have a plan to protect your doorstep deliveries in 2020? There's an easy solution.

Using a modern home security system that includes a doorbell camera and smart lock, you can secure any package delivery in seconds, from wherever you are. Here's how you can prevent package theft in three quick steps.

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Step #1: Verify Your Visitor

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You'll know your package is here when the delivery driver rings your doorbell camera, triggering an alert on your smartphone. Open your app for a live video view of the driver, then tap the microphone button to say hello.

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Step #2: Direct Your Delivery

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Once you've spoken to the driver to verify them, ask them to leave the package inside and close the door afterward.

Now, unlock your door from the same screen in your app. This action can disarm your security system too.

Step #3: Secure Your Door

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Once the delivery driver closes your door with your package safely inside, use your app to lock up again. As a final touch, re-arm your security system to ensure that your home is professionally protected for the rest of the day.

Want to see it for yourself? Check out this quick video.

Preventing package theft is easy with technology. If you have smart home security already, talk to your service provider about adding a doorbell camera and smart lock for 2020.

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