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Worried About Home Security? You're Not Alone.

How often do you worry about your home security?

If it's once a month or more, you're in good company. According to a new study of 10,000 US homeowners' security concerns and routines, two-thirds of all homeowners worry about home security and crime at least once a month. 42% experience worries once a week or more, while 16% worry about security every day.

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Here are five more discoveries from's new Home Security Survey.

1: Everyone's home security routine is different.

Home Security Survey Bed FB.jpg

Do you share home security duties with your partner, like 22% of respondents, or do you consider yourself the "Chief Security Officer" (present in 68% of homes)? And what precautions do you take to protect your home from crime?

We asked: which actions do you take as part of your daily home security routine?

  • 52% of homeowners check that their doors and windows are locked at bedtime.
  • 39% make sure that their drapes or blinds are closed at night.
  • 35% leave outdoor lights on at night.
  • 22% leave indoor lights on at night.
  • 24% check inside their closet before going to bed.
  • 18% still check under the bed.

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If your home security routine is complex, consider enlisting help from a professional. makes it easy to check that doors and windows are closed, for example. A quick Scenes command allows you to secure your home for the night with a single action. You'll still need to check under your own bed, though.

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