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Tools to Help You and Your Child Adjust to the New School Routine

It's the beginning of a new school year and with all the excitement of returning to the classroom, it's easy to feel overwhelmed.

You can do this

Adjusting to a new schedule can be difficult, but remember it’s not impossible. Help your kids get used to the idea of going back to in-person classes with patience, support, and love.

A keyless entry

With your kids settling into a new routine, it’s nice for them to have one less thing to worry about. Instead of them having to keep track of a key throughout the day, Smart Locks lets them enter the house with just a simple code.

Each member of your home can create their own unique user code to unlock the door, and you can set your preferences to get notified every time  the codes are used. (It’s also a more secure option for your home, because you don’t have to leave a key under the mat.)

Know when your kids get home safely

Have peace of mind knowing your kids made it home safely by setting up customized alerts that will notify you on your mobile device when they arrive home.

The alerts will inform you of the exact time they arrived and through what door, giving you an understanding of how long it takes for them to make it home from school.

Be there to greet visitors, even when you're not home

We know you can’t be present for every moment, but video monitoring gives you the convenience of being able to greet your kids when they get home from school, even if you’re still at work or running errands.

With smartphone alerts, connected video cameras, and remote-controlled door security, an security system can quickly become an essential tool for managing your weekday routine. Get in touch with an authorized security expert (or professional).  Get in touch with an authorized security expert or professional today to get your home and family in gear for back-to-school and beyond.

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