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"I like it here," says Betty Godwin of her new home. "It's quiet. Nobody tells me what to do."

At 82 years old, Betty recently moved to Texas from Nebraska to be closer to her daughter Karen and son-in-law John. She declined their offer to move into their home, preferring the independence of having her own house and garden 20 minutes away.

However, Karen and John were worried. Betty has a heart condition. She doesn't hear well, which makes it hard to contact her by phone, especially when Betty is gardening outdoors.

After several anxious trips to Betty's home to check that she was safe and well, John and Karen discovered a better way: a new security system installed by Hawk Security Services. Equipped with's Wellness technology, the system can tracks activity in Betty's home and can alert them to any potential problems.

"I'm glad we have it," says Betty. "I don't worry much, but I don't want my kids to worry about me."

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Betty's Wellness technology helps her to maintain her independence in her own home, while John and Karen feel that Betty is a lot safer than before. Here's why:

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"If Betty doesn't answer the phone, that's okay."

"Betty doesn't hear very well, so she doesn't hear the phone ringing," says John.

In the past, that meant rushing to Betty's house to check up on her when she didn't answer the phone, only to find Betty eating in her kitchen or enjoying her garden. Now, John and Karen need only check their mobile apps to confirm that Betty is up and about. Wellness Independent Living 3

"We can see that Betty went outdoors to her garden," says John. "We can see that she let the dog out, or went to get the mail. If she doesn't answer her phone, it doesn't bother us anymore. We can see that she's active and we have no reason to be concerned."

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"If there's activity at an unusual time, we'll know."'s intelligent technology can alert families when activity is detected at unusual times. It enables John and Karen to know instantly if there's motion in Betty's home late at night, when she's usually asleep, which could indicate a problem.

If the system reports unusual activity, or Karen and John don't see any recent sensor activity during the daytime, they check in visually with their Image Sensors. Each Image Sensor—a combination of a motion sensor and a still camera—can send John or Karen an instant snapshot of a specific area of Betty's home, whether indoors or outdoors.

"We can all keep enjoying the things we like to do."

Betty loves to garden. John and Karen love to travel. Their Wellness technology gives them the confidence to do the things they love with the knowledge that, no matter where they are, they're connected. Even if John and Karen are out of town, they can still check-in to make sure that Betty is safe. Wellness Independent Living

"It makes me feel secure," Betty says. "When you're alone, you want somebody to see about you. Now, I'm confident that I'll be alright, no matter what."

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