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When your business is growing, you need systems that can scale with you.

Problem-solving technology company KCF Technologies outgrew their existing security and access control systems when they expanded to a third business location in State College, PA. They needed a new solution that could reduce the complexity of keeping their facilities safe and secure, and that could scale with KCF as the company grew. for Business was the answer. Designed for medium-sized businesses with multiple locations,'s Enterprise Access Control gave KCF three integrated access and security systems with a single interface to operate them. Here's what that means for KCF's systems administrator Brandyn Glasgow.

For Brandyn, for Business means less complexity, more control, and the confidence of knowing that all of KCF's facilities are safe and secure. Asked to review's biggest benefits, he said:

1: Top-to-Bottom Physical Security

"We need to protect our people, our equipment and our customers' data every day," says Brandyn. " gives us top-to-bottom physical security from a single interface. All of our facilities are safe and secure—and if they're not, I'll know." Access Control Review Office.jpg

"We have an automatic security schedule based on our business hours, with arming and disarming set up for the entire business. If a door isn't closed when the security system auto-arms at night, we get an alert telling us which door it is. If there was ever a break-in, we'd be alerted immediately, and the police would be dispatched."

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2: Smarter, Multi-Location Access Control

"Setting up a new employee with access control is really intuitive," says Brandyn. "It's literally three or four clicks to add them and assign them to a pre-set access plan, based on where they need to be. If a person only needs access to one office, we can lock down their key fob or access card so that it only opens that door." Access Control Review Card.jpg

"If I know that a group of people are going to need access to another building for a day, I can quickly go into their group and check another set of doors so the entire group can get into the building. It's easy to make changes at the master level and have them apply to every location—there's no need to make the same change three times."

3: Awareness and Control from Anywhere

When working across KCF's three locations, Brandyn relies on his app to manage access and security from anywhere. Access Control Review App.jpg

"I can get on the app and control pretty much everything from a master level," he says. "It lists all of our locations out. If somebody knocks on a door at one location, I can jump over there and let them in. If someone needs access to another location a minute later, I can switch locations to unlock the door and disarm the alarm."

"If somebody were to set an alarm off, I can open the app and discern what's happening in a matter of seconds. It's great to have so much granularity in a phone app that's also easy to use."

4: Scalability for Future Growth

With continued growth on the horizon, Brandyn is confident in's capacity to protect new locations and employees as KCF scales up. Access Control Review Alert.jpg

"It's critical that the systems we put in can scale with us," Brandyn says. "When you're dealing with access control, video surveillance and security systems, it's important that everything is part of the same family and communicating with everything else. You need to know that everything is there and working."

"As we continue to scale up and grow across the United States, I think will be a provider that scales with us and continues to give us the granularity we're looking for." thanks KCF Technologies and their service provider Park Security Systems for sharing their story.

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